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Animal Shelter and Adoption Center View Archived
    County Animal Shelter
          Adoption Application Guidelines & Information
ADOPTION REQUIREMENTS: Prior to approval of application the following documents must be supplied: 1) Picture Identification (drivers license, identification card, passport, etc) 2) Proof of ownership of home (such as a mortgage statement or property tax assessment) OR Landlord/Homeowner written permission stating that pets are allowed on property 3) Signature indicating you understand Shelter management reserves the right to choose best fit for all pets – adoption NOT based on first come first served.
          Animal Adoption Form
          Animal Clinics and Shelters Map
          Animal Shelter Wish List
Animal Shelter wish list items are needed to maintain the care of the animals that stay at the shelter until adopted.
Board of Chosen Freeholders View Archived
    Freeholders' Forms
          AtlanticCape Directions
          HTML Version of Government Records Request Form
          Request For Access to Public Records
This is a Pdf document you can download, fill out and submit for access to public records. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader (Free) to read this form.
Board of Taxation View Archived
    Board of Taxation
          2011 Abstract of Ratables
          2011 Tax Rate Summary
          2012 Abstract of Ratables
          2012 Rev Equalization Table
          2012 Tax Rate Summary
          2013 Abstract of Ratables
          2013 Final Equalization Table
          2013 Tax Rate Summary
          2014 Asbstract
          2014 Final Equalization Table
          2014 Tax Rate Summary
          2015 Final Equalization
          2015 Preliminary Equalization Table
          Annual Report of Appeals Form TAS 33
          Appeal Form
          Mission Statement
          Prelim Equalization Table 2013
          Record Retention
          Reorganization Resolutions 2014
          Request For Access To Public Records
          2008 Abstract of Ratables
          2008 Final Equalization Table
          2008 Special District Summary
          2008 Tax Rate Summary
          2009 Abstract of Ratables
          2009 Final Equalization
          2009 Special Taxing District Summary
          2009 Tax Rate Summary
          2010 Abstract of Ratables
          2010 Final Equalization Table
          2010 Preliminary Equalization Table
          2010 Tax Rate Summary
          2011 Final Equalization Table
          2011 Prelim Equal Table
          Appeal Brochure
          Farmland Assessment Guide
          Government Records Request Form
State of New Jersey, Cape May County Board of Taxation, Government Records Request Form
          Livestock Requirements
Cape May County Department of Aging and Disability Services View Archived
    Department of Aging & Disability Services
          2011 Needs Assessment Survey
          2012 Awareness Day Award Nomination Word Doc
          2012 Awareness Day Exhibitor Appl. Word Doc
          2012 Exhibitor Invitation and Registration Form
          2012 Needs Assessment and Cover Ltr
          2012 Recognition Award Nominating Form
          2013 Elder Law Workshop Presented by Hinkle, Fingles and Prior
          2013 Recognition Award Nominating Form
          2014 Needs Assessment Survey
          Frank Unkle Outstanding Service Award Official Entry Form
          Art Application
          PAAD Application
Consumer Affairs/Weights and Measures View Archived
    Consumer Affairs
          Consumer Affairs Complaint Document
Complaint Form and Instructions
          Weights and Measures Complaint-Inspection Form
W&M Complaint and Inspection Form and Instructions
County Clerk View Archived
    County Clerk Forms
          Application to Provide Veterans Discounts
          Veteran's Photo Identification Card Application
          Business Trade Name Certificate
Register your business with the County Clerk.
          Business Trade Name Dissolution
Cancellation of a Business Trade Name.
          Escrow Account Registration
Recording and copy customers of the County Clerk’s Office may deposit funds into an escrow account for e-Recording or manual recording and copy fees on-line or in house. Account Administrator registration is needed so accounts may gain access to their statements on-line.
          Foreclosure Help Brochure
Are your facing foreclosure? The NJ Judiciary Foreclosure Mediation Program is providing housing counselors, lawyers, and mediators to homeowners facing foreclosure. Call toll free: 1-888-989-5277 Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
          NJ Affidavit of Consideration or Exemption RTF-1
          NJ Gross Income Tax Form - Non Resident Seller's Tax Declaration GIT/REP-1
          NJ Gross Income Tax Form - Seller's Residency Certification/Exemption GIT/REP-3
          NJ Gross Income Tax Forms
Click on Forms, Print/Download Tax Forms, Gross Income Tax Returns, Estimated Tax Forms for Nonresident Sellers of Real Property in New Jersey
          NJ Notary Public Application
          Trade Name
          US Passport Forms
          Link to Cape May County Votes!
For all forms and election information.
    Records and Information Management
          Records Transfer Instructions
    Vital Records
          Obtain a NJ Birth, Death or Marriage Record
Records of births, deaths and marriages are kept at the municipality where the event occurred and with the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services.
County Park & Zoo View Archived
    Park and Zoo
          Holiday Break Zoo Camp
          Scavenger Hunt 6 through 12
          Scavenger Hunt 6 through 12 Answers
          Scavenger Hunt K through 5
          Scavenger Hunt K through 5 Answers
          Zoo Camp 2014
          Zoo To You Brochure
          Volunteer Application
          Zoo Brochure
Zoo Brochure 2014
          Zoo Map
This is the current map of the Zoo.
Culture & Heritage View Archived
    Culture and Heritage
          Art & You at the Park & Zoo Registration
Economic Resources & Capital Planning View Archived
    Economic Resources & Capital Planning
          Dr Mihalasky Dredge Material Management
Presentation given by Dr. Mark Mihalasky to the Beach Nourishment and Dredge Material Management Shared Services Working Group.
          Energy Master Plan
The energy master plan was developed by Concord Engineering Group during 2008 and accepted by the Board of Chosen Freeholders as final in February 2009. The Plan describes areas in which the County can improve energy efficiency and discusses the development of alternative sources of energy.
          Perniciaro Waterways Study
Study completed by by Perniciaro at ACCC looking at the economic impact of boat traffic and waterway usage in Cape May County.
          Summer Youth Program Application
Emergency Management Communications Center View Archived
    Emergency Management Communications Center
          Post Hurricane Irene Information and Forms
          Register Ready Special Needs Registry Form
          Request For Public Assistance Deadline Extended
          01-02-14 Weather Briefing
Facilities & Services View Archived
    Online Auction
Please include contact person and phone number
          Website Location
Fare Free Transportation View Archived
    Fare Free Forms
          Client issue form
Please feel free to complete this form any time you have any issues with Fare Free Transportation including drivers, buses or routes. Thank you
          Disabled Persons Fare Free Application
          Person Under 60 Fare Free Application
          Persons Over 60 Fare Free Application
          Veterans Fare Free Application
Health Department View Archived
    Health Department
          2014 Cape May County Flu Clinic Consent Form
          2014 Flu Clinics Flyer
          2014 Seasonal Flu Shot Clinics
          Regional Mobile Food Vendor Amendment
          Regional Mobile Food Vendor Application
          Certified Home Health Aide Training Application
          Flu Consent Form - English
          Flu Consent Form - Spanish
          HACCP Application Form
          Health Alert Network Evaluation Form
          Local Information and Communications (LINCS) Data Information Form
          Local Information and Notification (LINCS) Pamphlet and Join Form
          NJ Avian Screening Form
          Rabies Reporting by Physicians
          Request for Human West Nile Virus Testing Patient Intake Form 2004
          Requisition Form for Viral Serology
          Retail Food Establishment Application
          Servicing Area Certification Form for Mobile Foods
          Servicing Area Certification Form for Temporary Foods
          Temporary Food Vendor Application
Human Resources View Archived
    Human Resources Forms
          Donated Leave/ Donor Transfer Form
          Donated Leave/Request to Participate
          Employment Application
          Health Care Provider Certification
          Jury Duty
          Jury Duty
          Request for Medical Family Leave of Absence
Medical Examiner View Archived
    Medical Examiner Request For Records.
Request form for autopsy, toxicology or external examination reports.
          Request For Records
Open Space and Farmland Preservation View Archived
    Open Space and Farmland Preservation
          2014 CADB Meetings
          2014 Meeting Schedule
          Agenda 8-27-13
          Church Phase I
          Development Payment Request Form
          Mainland Phase I
          Post Construction Engineer Certificate
          Somers Corson Phase I proposal
          Somers Corson Survey Proposals
          Theresa Bauer
          Appraisal Proposals-Somers Corson
          DLB Holdings
          Field Phase I Proposal
          Field Survey Proposal
          Gutermuth & Bixby Blk. 348, Lot 88, 88.01, 92
          Gutermuth & Bixby Blk. 415, Lot 1 & Blk. 416, Lot 1
          Schumann-Appraisal Proposals
          Sneathen Phase I Proposals
Planning Department View Archived
    Planning Department Forms
          2015 CMC Planning Board Subdivision & Site Plan Fee Schedule
          bond requirements pdf
          comp plan pdf
          drainage easement
          easement and deed pdf
          Farmland Plan
          letter of credit PDF
          New Site Plan Application Form & Fee Schedule
          New Subdivision Application Form & Fee Schedule
          open space and rec plan pdf
          right of way dedication pdf
          right of way easement PDF
          sample bond release pdf
          Sight Triangle PDF
          Surety Bond PDF
Prosecutor's Office View Archived
    Prosecutor Forms
          Bullying/Domestic Violence Conference Brochure
Public Information View Archived
    Office of Public Information
          Mailing List/Survey Form
          Emergency Preparedness Guide Request Form (pdf)
Public Works/County Engineer View Archived
    BID Tabs
          2011 Misc Drainage Improvements I
          2011 Tax Rate Summary
          2012 Furnish Riprap Stone
          2012 Introduced Budget Document
          2012 MDI NJ Ave. & 13th-Bid Tab
          2014 Tax Rate Summary
          Avalon Blvd Resurfacing Improvements
          Beach Ave 2011 Stormwater
          Beach Ave. Resurfacing
          Beesleys Point Phase I Environmental Assessment
          NJ Ave Resurfacing Cresse to Youngs
          Ocean Dr. Bridge over Great Channel Conduit Repairs
          OD over Great Channel Substructure
          OD Pavement Repair 4th to Townsends
          Revised Equal Table 2012
          Rutgers FS EATING SEASONALLY
          Snow Retention-Bid Tab
          Soil Boring & Material Testing Adv.
          Stone Harbor Library
          Traffic Signal Operational Imps bid tab
          09 Misc Drainage Improv I SIC & MT
          2008 Bridge Deck Repairs at Ingrams Thorofare
          2008 Misc Drainage Improv I
          2008 Pistol Range Berm Improvements
          2008 Structural Steel Repairs to Ocean Dr.
          2008 Testing of Bituminous Materials
          2009 Bridge Deck Repairs Ingrams & Roosevelt
          2009 Fender Repairs at OD Bridge over Grassy Sound
          2009 Furnish Riprap Stone
          2009 Misc. Drainage Improves. II
          2009 Substructure & Superstructure Concrete Repairs Avalon over Ingrams
          2009 Testing of Bituminous Materials
          2009 Tree Removal along County Rds. & Facilities
          2010 Emergency Road Repairs
          2010 Misc Drainage Improvements II
          2010 Misc. Drainage II bid tab
          2010 Miscellaneous Drainage
          2010 Testing of Bituminous Materials
          2010/2011 Tree Removal
          2011 Road Repairs-Bid Tab
          2011 Utility Improves. Zoo & Jail-Bid Tab
          2012 History Regrant Letter of Intent to Apply
          2012 History Regrant Letter of Intent to Apply
          35th St (656) 36th Street & Bartram Lane Improve
          ADA Upgrades/Intelligent Life System CMC Admin Bldg
          Addition & Renovations to Upper & Lower Library
          Analysis and Modeling of CMC Roadway Elev & Evacuation
          Avalon Blvd. Bridge over Avalon Canal Rehab. & Widening
          Bayshore Rd. Weber to Miami
          Bylaws- Democratic
          Bylaws- Republican
          CMC Bridge Painting Program
          CMC park zoo utility const phase 3
          CMC Park/Zoo 2008 Utility Constr.
          CMCBC Corsons Inlet Bridge Recoating Steelwork
          Controlled Modules Foundation New SIC Library
          Correction Center HVAC-Bid Tab
          Corsons Inlet Bridge Railing
          Crest Haven Nursing Kitchen Addition Bid Tab
          Democratic Bylaws
          Furnish Rip Rap Stone
          HVAC Duct System at Jail-Bid Tab
          HVAC Duct System at Jail-Bid Tab Reject
          Metal Roof Restoration 6 Facilities
          Misc. Structural Repairs to 4 Ocean Dr. Bridges
          Modular Office Building
          New Mechanical Gate Bid Tab
          New Nurse Call System
          NJ Ave. Drainage
          Ocean Dr. Stormwater Infrastructure Conveyance System Upgrades
          Ocean Dr. Wetlands Mitigation #2-Bid Tab
          OD over Great Channel Pier 9 Concrete-Bid Tab
          OD over Townsends Pier 4 Fender Repairs
          Park/Zoo 2008 Various Rdwy. & Pkng. Improves.
          Park/Zoo 2009 Utility Construction
          Pedestrian Bridge Construction at CMC Park North
          Physical Security Upgrades-Phase I
          Portable Solar Powered Changeable Message Signs
          Re-Bid 2008 Pistol Range Berm
          Re-Bid 2009 Tree Removal Along Cty Rds
          Re-Bid ADA Upgrades
          Re-Bid II 2009 Tree Removal Along Cty Rds
          Re-Bid II Pistol Range Berm Improvements
          Re-Bid Nurse Call System
          Re-Bid OD over Corson's Railing-Bid Tab
          Re-Bid of 2010 Traffic Signal Subsurface Facility Improvements
          Re-bid of Physical Security Upgrades-Phase I at Various County Facilities
          Re-Bid Pedestrian Bridge Construction-CMC Park North
          Re-Bid Rehab Sea Isle Blvd Bridge over Ludlam's Thorofare
          Re-bid Replace Exhaust Filtration Pub Safety
          Re-Bid Stone Harbor Blvd Bridge Bulkhead & Dock
          Reeds Beach Culvert-Bid Tab
          Rehab Sea Isle Blvd Bridge over Ludlam's Thoro
          Replace. Chiller Unit at Jail-Addendum No.2
          Replacement Exhaust/Filtration Public Safety Center
          Replacement Heating/Cooling Cape May Library
          Replacement of Chiller Unit at Jail-Bid Tab
          Replacement of Liebert System
          Resurfacing Ocean Drive 14th - 29th Street
          Roof Replacement at Cape May City Library
          Scour Abatement Program Avalon Blvd.
          Sea Isle City Branch Library
          Soil Excavation at Sea Isle Library
          St Harbor Blvd bridge over Great Channel Bulkhead & Dock Replace
    Public Works - Misc.
          17th Street Bridge Public Info
          17th Street Culvert Alternatives
          17th Street Culvert Photos of Finishes
          17th Street NJDOT 4-bar parapet
          17th Street Sandblast Finishes
          2006 Underwater Survey - Drag Channel
          2006 Underwater Survey - Great Egg Bay
          2011 Misc. Drainage-Adv.
          2011 Misc. Drainage-Proposal
          2012 Misc Drainage III plans
          2012 Misc. Drainage Improves.-Add 1
          2012 Misc. Drainage Improves.-Adv.
          2012 Misc. Drainage Improves.-Proposal
          2012/2013 Furnishing Riprap Stone Adv
          2012/2013 Furnishing Riprap Stone Proposal
          Avalon Blvd Resurfacing-Addendum No. 1
          Avalon Blvd. Resurfacing-Adv.
          Avalon Blvd. Resurfacing-Proposal
          Bay Ave 6th to 18th Public Info
          Beach Ave Resurfacing Ocean to Howard Adv
          Beach Ave Resurfacing Ocean to Howard Proposal
          Beach Ave. Stormwater Phase I-Media Notice
          Beach Ave. Stormwater-Add. #1
          Beach Ave. Stormwater-Addendum 2
          Beach Ave. Stormwater-Adv.
          Beach Ave. Stormwater-Proposal
          Beesleys Point Electrical Plans
          Beesleys Point ROW Plans
          Beesleys Point Various Construction Plans
          CMC Correctional Facility Expansion & Upgrades Permitting-Adv.
          Corsons Inlet Guide Rail RFP adv
          Furnishing & Installing Snow Retention Brackets-Adv.
          Furnishing & Installing Snow Retention Brackets-Proposal
          Great Channel Substructure Addendum #2
          Great Channel Substructure-Addendum 1
          GSP Replacement of Egg Harbor Bridge
          Hazard Mitigation Volume I
          Hazard Mitigation Volume II
          JFK Final Plans
          Landis Ave Resurfacing 54th to 63rd construction plans
          License Site Remediation-Adv.
          LSRP Addendum #1
          LSRP Addendum #2
          NJ Ave Resurfacing-Add 1
          NJ Ave Resurfacing-Add 3
          NJ Ave. Cresse to Youngs-Proposal
          NJ Ave. Resurfacing-Adv.
          NJ Avenue Resurfacing-Add #2
          OC Bike & Trail Project
          OC Bike Project
          OC Intermediate School Safe Routes to School grant appl
          Ocean City Bike Report 6-11
          Ocean City Bike Report Appendices
          Ocean Dr. Pavement Repair 4th to Townsends-Adv.
          Ocean Dr. Resurfacing 29th to 42nd-Adv.
          Ocean Dr./Great Channel Conduit Repairs
          Ocean Dr./Great Channel Proposal
          Ocean Drive Br-Great Channel Substructure-Adv
          Ocean Drive Br-Great Channel Substructure-Proposal
          OD over Great Channel Substructure-Add 3
          OD over Great Channel Substructure-Add 4
          OD Pavement Repair 4th to Townsends-Proposal
          OV Draft Supplement part 1
          OV Draft Supplement part 2
          OV Operational Imp Study Draft 7-12
          Resurfacing NJ Ave. Cresse to Youngs-Media Notice
          Rio Grande Entrance-Concept A
          Road Opening Permit
          Roosevelt Blvd. Stormwater Infrastructure
          Sea Isle Blvd Section II permits
          Soil Boring & Materials Testing Add. No. 1
          Stone Harbor Library-Add. #2
          Stone Harbor Library-Add. #3
          Traffic Signal Improves. CR 623 & 661-Media Notice
          Traffic Signal Operational Impov-Ad
          Traffic Signal Operational Improvements-Proposal
          Vehicle Wash Policy Statement
          Vehicle Wash Public Notice
          Wildwoods Transportation Study
          Woodbine Bicycle Study
          2009 Substructure & Superstructure Concrete Repairs Avalon over Ingrams
          2010 County Roads Improvement Program, Middle Twp.
          2010 Emergency Road Repairs
          2010 Hope Corson Road Improvements
          2010 Middle Twp. Road Project
          2010 Misc. Drainage II-Add. No. 1
          2010 Misc. Drainage II-Adv.
          2010 Misc. Drainage II-Clarification
          2010 Misc. Drainage II-Proposal
          2010 Miscellaneous Drainage Improvements I
          2010 Prof Construction Engineering Services
          2010 Prof. Bridge Eng. Serv. As-Needed
          2010 Professional Roadway Drainage Eng. Serv.
          2010 Professional Traffic Engineering Services
          2010 Testing of Bituminous Materials
          2010 Traffic Signal Subsurface Facility Improves.
          2010/2011 Furnishing Riprap Stone, CMC, NJ
          2010/2011 Tree Removal along Cnty. Rds.
          2011 Road Repairs on Various Rds.-Adv.
          2011 Road Repairs on Various Rds.-Proposal
          2011 Road Repairs-Addendum #1
          2011 Utility Improvements Jail & Zoo-Adv.
          2011 Utility Improves. Jail & Zoo-Proposal
          Advertisement & Addendum #1 3-Ton Liebert System
          Advertisement & Addendum #1 New Nurse Call System
          Assessing Bat & Bird Migration-Middle Thorofare
          Bay Ave. Resurfacing 6th to 18th St.-Adv.
          Bayshore Rd. Weber & Miami Addendum #1
          Bayshore Rd. Weber to Miami Add. #2
          Bayshore Rd. Weber to Miami Add. #3
          Bayshore Rd. Weber to Miami Advertisement
          Bayshore Rd. Weber to Miami Proposal
          CMC Bridge Painting Program
          CMC Hurricane Evacuation & Elevation Study Extension
          Controlled Modulus Foundation
          Correction Facility HVAC Duct System-Adv.
          Correction Facility HVAC Duct System-Proposal
          Corsons Inlet Bridge Railing Improvements-Adv.
          Corsons Inlet Bridge Railing-Addendum #2
          Corsons Inlet Bridge Railings Addendum #1
          Corsons Inlet Bridge Railings-Proposal
          Crest Haven Kitchen Addendum #2
          Crest Haven Kitchen Addition Addendum #1
          Crest Haven Kitchen Summary of Work
          Crest Haven Nursing Home Kitchen Additions
          Landis Ave. (CR 619) Resurfacing Improves. JFK to 54th
          Landis Ave. 54th to 69th-Addendum No. 1
          Landis Ave. Resurfacing 54th to 64th-Adv.
          Landis Ave. Resurfacing JFK Blvd. to 54th St. SIC
          Myrtle, W. Perry & Park Blvd.-Adv.
          Needs Assessment of Forensic Lab for Prosecutors
          New Mechanical Gate Addendum #1
          New Mechanical Gate Advertisement
          New Mechanical Gate Proposal
          New Sea Isle City Library
          New Sea Isle City Library Project Labor Agreement
          NJ Ave. 2011 Drainage & Rdwy.-Adv.
          NJ Ave. 2011 Drainage & Rdwy.-Proposal
          Ocean Dr. (CR 619) Upgrades & Bridge Replacements
          Ocean Dr. over Great Channel Pier 9-Add. #1
          Ocean Dr. over Great Channel Pier 9-Proposal
          Ocean Dr. Wetlands Mitigation #2 Adv.
          Ocean Dr. Wetlands Mitigation #2-Proposal
          Ocean Dr. Wetlands Mitigation, Upper Twp.
          Od Bridge over Corsons Railing-Add. #2
          OD Bridge over Great Channel Pier 9 Concrete Repairs
          OD over Great Channel Pier 9 Concrete-Add #3
          OD over Great Channel Pier 9 Concrete-Add. #2
          Pedestrian Bridge County Park North, Upper Twp.
          Physical Security Upgrades
          Physical Security Upgrades Spreadsheet
          Prof. Eng. Serv. Third Ave. Stormwater Infrastructure
          Re-Bid 2010 Traffic Signal Subsurface Facilities
          Re-Bid Exhaust/Filtration Adv.
          Re-Bid Exhaust/Filtration Proposal
          Re-Bid HVAC at Jail-Add. No. 1
          Re-Bid HVAC at Jail-Proposal
          Re-Bid HVAC Duct System at Jail-Adv.
          Re-Bid New Nurse Call System
          Re-Bid OD over Corsons Railing-Addendum 1
          Re-Bid OD over Corsons Railing-Adv.
          Re-Bid OD over Corsons Railing-Proposal
          Re-Bid Pedestrian Bridge at N Park
          Re-Bid Physical Security Upgrades - Phase I
          Re-Bid Physical Security-Spreadsheets
          Reeds Beach Culvert-Adv.
          Reeds Beach Culvert-Proposal
          Replace. Chiller Unit at Jail-Addendum No. 2
          Replace. of Chiller Unit at Jail-Adv.
          Replace. of Chiller Unit-Add. No. 1
          Replace. of Chiller Unit-Proposal
          Replacement of Exhaust/Filtration Equipment Public Safety Center
          Replacement of Heating/Cooling System at Cape May Library
          RFP Monitoring of HVAC Duct System at Jail-Adv.
          RFP Reconstruction of Bayshore Rd. from Sunset to Cape May Canal
          Stone Harbor Library-Addendum #1
          Stone Harbor Library-Adv.
          Stone Harbor Library-Proj. Labor Amgt.
          Stone Harbor Library-Proposal
          Stop for Pedestrians Law Fact Sheet
          TIGER Grant Application Final
          Tiger Grant Cert.
          TIGER Grant Certifications
    Public Works Plans
Plans for Buildings
          17th St. Culvert Coast Guard Public Notice
          17th St. Culvert NJDEP permit plans
          Bay Ave 6th to 18th Final Plans
          Hope Corson Road plans
          Sea Isle Blvd Section II construction details
          Sea Isle Blvd Section II constrution plans 2
          Sea Isle Blvd Section II constrution plans I
          Sea Isle Blvd Section II traffic control plans part 1
          2009 Fender Repairs Pier 4 at Ocean Drive over Townsends Inlet
Purchasing Department View Archived
          Request for P-Card Transaction for County Employees (PFF)
Rutgers Cooperative Extension View Archived
    Rutgers Documents
          GRG APRIL 2012 FLYER
          Do Family Meals Still Matter
          Fall Craft Show Application Terms
          Family Mealtimes
          Fast Food
          Get Moving-Get Healthy NJ with Laughter
          Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Brochure
          HD Back to School
          HD Eating on a Budget
          HD Fathers Day
          HD Holidays during hard times
          HD Mid-term Check up
          HD Midterm School Check-up
          HD Safety
          Healthy Meals for Busy Families
          Hey Dad: Heart Smart Dads
          It's Time to Snack Smart
          Kinship Connection: 3 C's of Discipline
          Kinship Connection: Alcohol is Risky Business for Young People
          Kinship Connection: The 3 C's of Discipline
          Kinship Connection: The 3 C's of Discipline
          Kinship Holidays
          Kinship Living on Less
          Kinship Mid-Term Checkup
          Kinship Safety
          Making it a Priority
          Trim High Grocery Prices
          Visions 22.2
          Visions Physical Activity
          Visions Walk NJ Poin-to-Point
          Wellness Buddies - Apr/May
          Wellness Buddies - Aug/Sept
          Wellness Buddies - Dec/Jan
          Wellness Buddies - Feb/March
          Wellness Buddies - June/July
          Wellness Buddies - Oct/Nov
Sheriff's Office View Archived
    Explorer Post #1692
Cape May County Sheriff's Office Explorer Post #1692 forms.
          Event and Special Detail Permission Slip
Event and Special Detail permission slip. Explorers will not be allowed to participate in certain events and assignment without written permission from parents or legal guardians.
          Explorer Application Pack
Emergency Contact information and Web Site permission slip for New Explorer's to fill out upon application into the program. A one time ten dollar fee for insurance through the Boy Scouts of America is also required at time of application.
    Sheriff's Office Employment
Please note that employment with Sheriff's Office as an Officer is contingent upon passing the New Jersey Civil service exam and then placed on a list of eligible candidates. See our website in the employment section for more information.
          County Employment Application
Preliminary County application for hiring of all Sheriff's Office personnel.
          Sheriff's Office Employment Procedure Link
Link to our website's employment procedure page.
Surrogate View Archived
    Surrogate's Forms
          Complaint and Order to Show Cause for an Alleged Incapacitated Person
          Complaint and Order to Show Cause for Pro-Se Probate Matters
          Comprehensive Accounting
          EZ Accounting
          Guardian Inventory
          Guardianship Terms and Procedures
          How to Become Legal Guardian of a Person Receiving Services from the Division of Disabilities Services
          Introductory Instructions: Guardianship Reporting Forms
          Judgment - Guardianship
          Pro-Se Litigant Motion Packet
          Report of Guardian
          Report of Well Being
          Living Will (Advanced Directive for Health Care) Packet
          Refunding Bond and Release
          Surrogate Worksheet for New Estates/Guardianships
          Surrogate's Intermingled Trust Fund Forms
Tourism View Archived
          Request for Media Coverage & Advertising Placement
Treasurer's Office View Archived
    Budget Documents
          2011 Introduced Budget
    Treasurer's Office
          Add New Change Vendors Form in Excel
          W-9 Form Pdf
Veterans' Bureau View Archived
    Veterans' Bureau
          Cape May County Veterans' Farefree Transportation Application
          CMC Veterans' Cemetery Forms
          Standard Form 180
Watershed Management View Archived
    Watershed Management
          Fish & Wildlife Habitat Rest. Agreement
          Hydrology Report

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