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Animal Shelter and Adoption Center View Archived
    Animal Shelter and Adoption Center
          2014 Black Furr-iday Cat Sale Flyer
          Animal Shelter & Adoption Center Wish List
          Animal Shelter Volunteer Manual
Board of Chosen Freeholders View Archived
    Advisory Commission on the Status of Women
          10th Annual Women's Conference and Breakfast
          Advisory Commission of the Status of Women
          Status of Women Brochure and Survey
          2015 Cape May County Directory 01-08
    Freeholder Publications
          2015 Cape May County Events Card
          What Is A Freeholder? (Brochure)
    Pollution Control Financing Authority
          2015 Pollution Control Financing Authority Budget Synopsis
          Agenda and Minutes Meeting Tuesday, December 9, 2014
          Agenda and Minutes Meeting Tuesday, October 7, 2014
          Report On Audit of Financial Statements and Supplemental Info Year Ended Dec 31, 2013
Cape May County Department of Aging and Disability Services View Archived
    Department of Aging and Disability Services
          2014 Cape May County Beach Accessibility Guide
          2014 Elder Law Workshop
Consumer Affairs/Weights and Measures View Archived
    Consumer Affairs Publications
          Tips For Emergencies (English)
          Tips For Emergencies (Spanish)
County Park & Zoo View Archived
    Earth Day Publications
          2014 Earth Day Crafter Letter, Application & Rules
          2014 Earth Day Exhibitor Application
          2014 Earth Day Logo Contest Flyer
          2014 Earth Day Race Form
          2014 Earth Day Sponsorship Letter
    Park and Zoo Publications
          2014 County Park & Zoo Fall Flyer
          2014 County Park & Zoo Fall Registration
          Park & Zoo Map
Culture & Heritage View Archived
    Culture and Heritage Publications
          2014 National Arts Program Rules & Application Brochure
          Veteran Artist Exhibit Letter
          Veteran Artist Registration Form
          Veterans Exhibit Flier
Economic Resources & Capital Planning View Archived
    Economic Resources and Capital Planning
          DCA Funded Shared Services Program Summary
          Transfer of Development Rights Public Forum Presentation
Presentation from April 6, 2009 Public Forum on Smart Growth Strategic Plan / TDR Feasibility Study
Emergency Management Communications Center View Archived
    Emergency Management
          01-10-14 Weather Briefing
          01-16-13 Weather Briefing
          02-07-13 Weather Briefing
          02-14-13 Weather Briefing
          02-25-13 Weather Briefing
          02-26-13 Weather Event Briefing 2
          03-05-13 Weather Briefing 3
          03-05-13 Weather Briefing 4
          03-06-13 Weather Briefing
          10-26-12 Weather Briefing 4
          10-26-12 Weather Briefing 5
          10-27-12 Weather Briefing 6
          10-27-12 Weather Briefing 7
          10-28-12 Weather Briefing 8
          10-28-12 Weather Briefing 9
          10-29-12 Weather Briefing 10
          11-05-12 Weather Briefing 4
          11-07-12 Weather Briefing 5
          11-07-12 Weather Briefing 6
          12-26-12 Weather Briefing
          12-27-12 Weather Briefing
          12-28-12 Weather Briefing
          August 23rd Earthquake Doc PDF
          Emergency Preparedness Guide
          FEMA Bulletin November 29, 2012
          FEMA Fact Sheet-Assistance To Individuals & Households
          Governor Christie's Letter to President Obama
          Governor's Executive Order 104
          Hurricane Sandy Emergency Declaration
          Public Safety Dispatch Consolidation Study
          SBA Disaster Assistance Program in Spanish
          Weather Briefing September 5, 2011 7:30 p.m.
          Weather Briefing September 6, 2011 2:45 p.m.
          01-02-14 Weather Briefing
          01-25-11 Weather Service Update
          02-08-13 Weather Briefing
          02-22-13 Weather Briefing
          03-04-13 Weather Briefing
          03-05-13 Weather Briefing
          03-24-13 Weather Briefing
          06-07 to 06-09-13 Weather Briefing
          06-13-13 Weather Briefing
          10-23-12 Weather Briefing
          10-24-12 Weather Briefing
          10-25-12 Weather Briefing
          10-30-12 Weather Briefing #12
          11-04-12 Weather Briefing for Nor'easter
          11-07-12 Weather Briefing
          11-08-12 Weather Briefing
          Cape May County Emergency Transition Centers
          Electrical Fire Safety Tips
          NJ Special Needs Disaster Registry
          WxBriefing June 7 2013 1030 hours
Fare Free Transportation View Archived
    Fare Free Transportation
          Fare Free Transportation Flyer
          Fare Free Transportation Invitation
          Fare Free Schedules
Health Department View Archived
    Alcohol, Tobacco, and Substance Abuse
          Cape May County Chartbook of Social Indicators, 2005
          Municipal Chartbook of Social Indicators, 2005
          NJ High School Risk and Protective Factor Survey, 2008
    Avian Flu
          Avian Flu Fact Sheet
          Avian Flu in Cats
          Avian Flu Surveillance and Testing Guidelines
          Food Safety Tips for Poultry and Eggs
          NJ Avian Flu FAQ
          NJ Health Care Provider Fact Sheet - Avian Flu
          Tanning Investigation Report
          2015 Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
          Breast Cancer Awareness Walk
          Cancer and the Environment
          Cancer Education and Early Detection Brochure
          Choose Your Cover
          CMC Cancer Capacity and Needs Assessment Report Summary
          Ocean City Cancer Cluster Inquiry
          Prostate Cancer Brochure
          Prostate Cancer Fact Sheet
          Reducing the Risks of Prostate Cancer
          Skin Cancer Brochure
    Children's Health
          Developmental Milestones for Months 0-12
          Developmental Milestones for Months 12-24
          Developmental Milestones for Months 24-36
    Chronic Illness
          Allergy Q&A
          Asthma Action Plan
          Asthma In NJ, 2006
          Asthma Newsletter
          Asthma Trigger Tracking
          Burden of Diabetes in NJ, 2005-2006
          Profile of Health Status Indicators-Asthma, 2007
    CMC Wellness Program
          10th Street Gym Flyer
          AHA Choose Healthy Conversations
          AHA Choose Healthy Flyer
          AHA Choose Healthy Flyer with Online Services
          Cape May Fitness Center Flyer
          Curves Promo II
          Miracles Employee Membership Offer
    Communicable Disease
          CMC Pertussis Fact Sheet
          CMC Norovirus Fact Sheet
          Communicable Disease Reporting
          Communicable Disease Update - 2007-Jan-Jun
          Communicable Disease Update - 2007-Jul-Dec
          Communicable Disease Update - 2008-Jan-Jun
          Communicable Disease Update - 2008-Jul-Dec
          Communicable Disease Update - 2009-Jan-Dec
          Communicable Disease Update - 2010-Jan-Dec
          Communicable Disease Update - 2011-Jan-Dec
          Communicable Disease Update - 2012-Jan-Dec
          Enterovirus D68 What parents should know
          Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease Fact Sheet
          Lyme Disease - Tick Identification
          Lyme Disease Fact Sheet for Parents
          Lyme Disease Prevention Fact Sheet
          MRSA - Fact Sheets- Athletes
          MRSA Fact Sheet
          MRSA Fact Sheet-Gymnasium
          MRSA Fact Sheet-Schools
          MRSA Poster for Gyms
          MRSA-Guidance General
          NJDHSS Recreational Shellfish Harvesters Guidance
          Protect from Pertussis (Eng)
          Protect from Pertussis (SP)
          Shewanella Algae
          Shingles Brochure
          Tick-Borne Disease Brochure
          Viral Meningitis Fact Sheet
          WNV-Approval Protocol for West Nile Virus Human Specimen Testing
          WNV-Interim Guidance for States Conducting Avian Mortality Surveillance for West Nile Virus
    Death Indicators, (Mortality)
          Leading Causes of Death, CMC 2002-2006
    Diet and Exercise
          Obesity Trends NJ Counties: 1992-2006
    Employee Wellness
          Love Your Lentils Month
          Skin Cancer Awareness Month
          Wellness Education -Nutrition
          CMC Employee Fitness Center Application
          PARQ Form
    Environmental Health
          Disinfection of Private Wells
          Food Safety at Home
          Septic Week Flyer
          1995 Waster Water Quality Management Plan
          2007 Waste Water Management Plan
          Childhood Lead Poisoning in NJ Annual Report
          Emergency Disinfection of Drinking Water
          Guide to Mold, Moisture and Your Home
          Joint Statement on Bed Bug Control
          Keys to Preventing Foodborne Illness
          Mold Bulletin
          NJAC8:27-Body Art
          NJDEP Fish Consumption Brochure
          NJDHSS Bed Bug Control for Homes
          NJDHSS Bed Bug Fact Sheet
          Public Recreational Bathing Regulations
          Rabies FAQ
          Septic System Codes (NJAC 7:9A)
          Summary of Foodborne Illness Risk Factors
          USGS Future Water Supply Scenarios, 2003-2050
          Validation and Verification of HACCP Plans
          Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act
    Environmental Health-Food Establishments
          Emergency Action Plan for Retail Foods
          Guidance for Selling Shellfish at NJ Farm Markets
          Instructions for Regional Mobile Food Applications
          Vibrio Fact Sheet for Restaurants
          Bake Sale Safety Information
          Floor Plan Review Questionnaire
          Food Labeling Requirement Information
          Food Safety-Power Outage
          How to Sanitize with a 3 Compartment Sink
          Inspection Ratings for Temporary Food Vendors
          Mobile Food Guidelines
          NJ Retail Food Code
          Physical Facility Requirements for Retail Food Establishments
          Requirements for Opening Retail Food Establishment
          Retail Food Guidance for the Safe Handling of Shellfish
          Stem Thermometer Diagram and Calibration
          Temp Handwash and Dishwash Setup
          Temporary Food Guidelines and Application
          Flu Clinics Flyer
          Medicare Payer Sign
          Business Checklist for Pandemic Flu
          Cape May County School Flu checklist
          Catch up Flu Clinic Flyer
          Childcare Preschool Plan Checklist for Flu
          Children and Parents Flu Clinic Flyer
          CMC Camp Guidance for Flu
          Directions to Drive-through Clinic
          Emergency Contacts For Pandemic Flu
          EMS Planning Checklist
          Faith-Based Community Checklist for Flu
          Family Flu Guide Families for Pandemic Flu
          Family Flu Information Sheet
          FEMA Emergency Management Guide
          Flu Consent Form - English
          Flu Consent Form - Spanish
          Flu Home Healthcare Planning
          Flu Surveillance Update
          Flu Vaccination Facts, Intranasal - English
          Flu Vaccination Facts, Intranasal - Spanish
          Flu-Inactivated Vaccine facts
          Flu-Inactivated Vaccine facts-Spanish
          FluZone High-Dose
          H1N1 Flu Flyer
          H1N1 Influenza (Swine flu) Brochure
          H1N1 Influenza (Swine flu) Brochure-Spanish
          H1N1 Latest Flyer
          Hand Washing Fact Sheet
          Handwashing Poster
          Individual Checklist for Pandemic Flu
          Influenza Prevention Guidelines For Businesses Brochure
          Influenza-Facing New Global Challenges - Powerpoint
          Influenza-Facing New Global Challenges-notes
          Medical Office Checklist for Pandemic
          Medicare Part B Guidance
          NJ Flu Surge Capacity
          NJ Influenza Plan Health Care
          NJ Pandemic Flu Fact Sheet-Isolation and Quarantine
          NJ Pandemic Flu FAQ
          One Page Summary of Flu Activity
          Pandemic Flu Plan
          School Crisis Planning for Flu
          School Handwashing Poster
          Summary of 2006-2007 Flu Activities
          Summary of 2007-2008 Flu Activities
          Summary of 2008-2009 Flu Activities
          Summary of 2009-2010 Flu Activities
          Summary of 2010-2011 Flu Activities
          Summary of 2011-2012 Flu Activities
          Talking with Parents
          Thimerosal Fact Sheet
          What to do if you have the flu
    General Health Indicators
          Behavioral Risk Survey
          Community Health Improvement Plan
          Community Health Status Assessment
          Forces of Change
          NJ County Health Ranking, 2010
          Summary 2005 BRFSS Data for CMC
    Health Department Information & Reports
          2009 Clinical Services Evaluation
          2010 Cape May County Health Department Local Health Evaluation Report
          2010 Clinical Services Evaluation
          2011 Cape May County Health Department Local Health Evaluation Report
          2011 Clinical Services Evaluation
          2013 National Profile of Local Health Departments
          Public Health Services Brochure
          2007 Clinical Services Evaluation
          2008 Clinical Services Evaluation
          2009 Cape May County Health Department Local Health Evaluation Report
          2013 Cape May County Health Department Local Health Evaluation Report
    Health Department Public Service Announcements
          Why Flu Vaccination Matters: Personal stories from Families Affected by Influenza
    Health Education
          Healthcare Resource Day Flyer
          Goals & Obectives-Making Healthy Choices 4th-6th grade
          Goals & Objectives -Making Healthy Choices 1st - 3rd grade
          Goals & Objectives-Hand Washing
          Goals & Objectives-West Nile Virus
          Goals and objectives-Lyme disease
          HIVSTD Lesson Plan
          Holiday Safety
          Navigating Flow of Trends in Breast Cancer
          Program GofLDescription, Goals and Objectives
          Rainbow Lesson Plan
          Summer Safety Lesson Plan
          Visitors Guide to Health Resources in Cape May County
    Health Emergency Planning
          Animals and Insects
          Carbon Monoxide
          Chemical Emergencies
          Cleaning, Mold Removal
          Disaster Preparedness for Pets
          Drinking Water
          Family Disaster Plan
          Family Disaster Supplies Kit
          Fire Disasters
          Flash Floods
          Flood Water and Sewage
          Food Safety
          Hurricane Sandy Children's Flyer
          Hurricane Sandy Childrens Flyer - Spanish
          NJ Enters 2014 with Blast from Nature
          NJ Hurricane Sandy Relief and Recovery Guide 2012
          NJDHSS Public Health Talking Points
          OSHA Recommendations for Cleanup Protection
          Personal Health and Hygiene
          Pets And Disasters
          Post-Hurricane Tips
          Ready Together Citizen's Guide
          Ready Together Citizen's Guide (Spanish)
          Re-entering Homes Safety
          Returning Home After a Flood
          Septic Systems After Flood Events
          Severe Thunderstorm
          Wells After Flood Events
          Winter Storm
          Workplace Disasters
    Healthcare Quality
          2012 Public Health Services Evaluation
          Bariatric Survey in NJ, 2005
          Cardiac Surgery in NJ, 2006
          Hospital Performance Report, 2009
          Inpatient Quality Indicators, 2005
          NJ Prevention Quality Indicators
          Summary of NJDHSS Prevention Quality Indicators Report for Cape May County
          Senior Health Screening Program
          Wellness Center Ribbon Cutting
          Cape May County Home Health Agency Brochure
          Cape May County Public Health Community Resource Manual
          Certified Home Health Aide Course
          Community Health Assessment Results
(PowerPoint Presentation)
          Did You Know...Diabetes
          Did You Know...Muscular-Skeletal
          Did You Know...Osteoarthritis
          Did You Know...Parkinsons
          HIPAA Notice of Privacy-Spanish
          HIPAA Privacy Notice
          Is It Flu or Ebola?
          Measles FAQ
          New Jersey Prevention Quality Indicators, July 2008
          PHAC Meeting Feedback - 05-08
          Prescription Program Brochure
          Prescription Program Brochure-Spanish
          Public Health Advisory Committee Survey Results – 2009
          Summer Safety
          Summer Safety Checklist for Kids
    Hospitalization Data
          Hospitalizations by Primary Diagnosis, 2008
    Injury Prevention
          Adolescent Suicide, NJ Counties, 2007
          Preventing Injury in NJ, 2008
          Suicide and Firearm Ownership, by NJ County
    Medical Reserve Corps
          MRC Application
          MRC Newsletter Issue 1 2011
          MRC Newsletter Issue 2 2011
          MRC Newsletter Issue 3 2011
          MRC Newsletter Issue 4 2011
          MRC Newsletter Issue 5 2012
          MRC Newsletter Issue 6 2012
          MRC Newsletter Issue 7 2013
          CMC MRC Volunteer Liability Summary
          MRC Competency Matrix
          MRC Training Log
    Older Adult Health
          Blueprint for Healthy Aging in New Jersey
          HPV-Vaccine Fact Sheet
          Low Cost Vaccine Flyer
          Meningococcal Vaccine Fact Sheet
          Pneumococcal Vaccine Fact Sheet
          Profile of NJ Older Adults 60yrs +, 2005
          TDAP Vaccine Fact Sheet
Human Services View Archived
    Human Services Publications
          2015 MAC Brochure
          Cape May County Human Services Resource Directory
          Dennis - 2014
          Greater Wildwood - 2014
          Lower Cape- 2014
          Middle - 2015
          Sea Isle City - 2014
          Upper - Ocean City - 2014- B
          Woodbine - 2014
          GCADA Brochure
Planning Department View Archived
    Planning Department Publications
          2010 Boaters' Guide PDF
Public Information View Archived
    2007 Hurricane Conference PowerPoint Presentations
You may need to download PowerPoint Viewer to view the presentations. It is available at www.microsoft.com
          Lower Cape- 2014
    2012 Emergency Preparedness Conference
          2012 Emergency Preparedness Conference Agenda
          2012 Emergency Preparedness Conference Speakers' Bios
          Scardino Power Point PDF
          Shaw Power Point PDF
          Van Fossen Power Point PDF
    2013 Emergency Preparedness Conference
          2013 Emergency Preparedness Conference Program
          Eberwine PPT
          Hayden PPT
          Manuel PPT
          Medical Needs Shelter Handout
          Pagliughi PPT
          Picciano PPT
          Speakers' Bios
    2014 Emergency Preparedness Conference Resources
          2014 Emergency Preparedness Conference Program
          2014 Emergency Preparedness Conference Speakers' Bios
          Cape May County Power Point Dan Skeldon
          Cape May County Power Point Jim Eberwine
          Cape May County Power Point Marty Pagliughi
    Cape May County Reaches Out PPT Show
          Cape May County Reaches Out PowerPoint Show 23MB
          Cape May County Reaches Out PPT Show PDF Version 14MB
    Communications Videos
          Freeholder Vice-Director Desiderio Singing Jingle Bells to Crest Haven Residents
    News and Information
          Weather Briefing January 6, 2014
    Office of Public Information Publications
          2012 Cape May County Directory
          2012 Cape May County KeepIt
          2012 County Events Card
          2012 Emergency Preparedness Guide
          2013 Cape May County Government Events Card
          2013 Cape May County Official Directory
          2014 Cape May County Beach Accessability Guide
          2014 Cape May County Government Events Card
          NJOEM Hurricane Survival Guide
          Sea Isle Library Branch Grand Opening Program
          2011 Cape May County Directory
          2011 County Events Card
          Hurricane Preparedness, Most Critical Public Safety Concern
    Public Service Announcements
          2012 Easter Bunny at the Park
          2012 We Check For 21 Public Service Announcement
          2013 Boo at the Zoo
          2013 Cape May County Breast Cancer Awareness
          2013 Cape May County Earth Day
          2013 Cape May County Health Resource Day PSA
          2013 Cape May County Tourism Conference
          2013 Earth Day Logo Contest
          2013 Easter Bunny in the Park
          2013 National County Government Month
          2013 Public Form II: Giving A Voice to Addiction
          2013 Public Forum: Putting a Face on Addiction
          2013 September 11 Ceremony PSA
          2013 Transportation Infrastructure Conference
          2013 We Check For 21 PSA
          2013 We Check For 21 Radio Spot
          Cape May County 2011 Flu Shot Clinic PSA
          Cape May County Report
          Time To Get Your Flu Shot
          2010 County Gov TV PSA
          2011 County Website PSA
          Special Needs Registry
    Transportation Infrastructure Conf Information
          2012 Crum PowerPoint
          2012 Donelson PowerPoint
          2012 Foster PowerPoint
          2012 Perniciaro PowerPoint
          2012 Transportation Infrastructure Conference Agenda Draft
          2012 Transportation Infrastructure Conference Agenda Final
          2012 Transportation Infrastructure Conference Flyer
          2012 Transportation Infrastructure Conference Speakers
          2012 Withers PowerPoint
          2013 Donelson PPT PDF
          2013 Foster PPT PDF
          2013 Gehrke PPT PDF
          2013 Hammer PPT PDF
          2013 Kingsland PPT PDF
          2013 Transportation Infrastructure Conference Agenda
          2013 Transportation Infrastructure Conference Speakers' Bios
          2013 Withers PPT PDF
          2011 Foster PPT PDF
          2011 Foster PPT Show
          2011 Speaker Biographies
          2011 Transportation Infrastructure Conference Agenda
          2011 Transportation Infrastructure Conference Flyer
          2011 Withers PPT PDF
          2011 Withers PPT Show
Public Safety Training Center View Archived
    Public Safety Training Center
          Alternate Route Training Program
Public Works/County Engineer View Archived
    Public Works Publications
          Ocean City Bike Path
          Cape May County Veterans Bridge Dedication
Rutgers Cooperative Extension View Archived
    4-H Information
          2013 4-H Club List, Rev. 5/23/13
          2013 4-H Fair Commercial Vendor Contract
          2013 4-H Fair Educational Vendor Contract
          2013 4-H Fair Farm & Garden Equipment Auction
          2013 CMC 4-H Fair Brochure
          2013 CMC 4-H Fair Food Vendor App
          2013 CMC 4-H Fair Non Profit Vendor Contract
          4-H Fair Entertainment Contract
          4-H Farm & Garden Equipment Auction Consignment Agreement
          Fall 2012 CMC 4-H Newsletter
          Horse Project Lease/Borrow Form
          Horse Project Registration Form
          October 2014 Proclamed 4-H Month in Cape May County
          CMC 4-H April-June 2011 Calendars
          CMC 4-H Spring 2011 Newsletter
          Dec 2010 4-H Calendar
          Fall 2010 CMC 4-H Newsletter
          Fall 2010 Equine Clinic Registration Form
          Spring 2010 4-H Newsletter
          Summer 2010 4-H Newsletter
          Summer 2011 CMC 4-H "Face of 4-H" Newsletter
          Winter 2011 4-H Newsletter
    Rutgers Cooperative Extension Publications
          Alcohol is Rasky Business For Young People
          Choose My Plate!
          Eat a Rainbow of Color Every Day
          Government Serves up MyPlate program to fight obesity
          Hurricane Relief and Recovery Guide 2011
          Native Plant Lecture in Cape May Court House
          Retail Marketing Conference for Farm Women
          2008 4-H Golf Tournament Brochure
          2011 Master Gardener Application Packet
          4 - H Youth Development PSA 60 Sec
Sheriff's Office View Archived
    Sheriff's Department Publications
          Cape May County Sheriff's Office 2012 Yearly Report PDF
          Cape May County Sheriff's Office 2012 Yearly Report PowerPoint
          Cape May County Sheriff's Office 2013 Yearly Report PDF
          Cape May County Sheriff's Office 2013 Yearly Report PowerPoint
Tourism View Archived
    2011 Tourism Conference Materials
          2011 Cape May County Tourism Conference Booklet
          How To Unlock Your World With Foursquare
          Social Media and Tourism Marketing
          The New Normal In Tourism
    2012 Tourism Conference Materials
          2012 Cape May County Tourism Conference Booklet
          2012 Cape May County Tourism Conference-Ky Asral PPT
          2012 Cape May County Tourism Department PPT Presentation
          CMC Tourism Conference-City of Cape May PPT
    Tourism Publications
          2013 Cape May County Fishing Tournament Winners
          2014 Tourism Conference Report
          Coast Guard Community Essay Art Contest
          The Jersey Cape Video High
          The Jersey Cape Video Medium
          Tourism Impacts in Cape May County PDF
          Tourism Impacts in Cape May County PowerPoint Show
Treasurer's Office View Archived
    Budget Documents
          2012 Adopted Budget
          2012 Budget Analysis
          2012 Introduced Budget Document
          2013 Adopted Budget
          2013 Introduced Budget Document
          2014 Adopted Budget
          2014 Introduced Budget Document
          2015 Adopted Budget
          2015 Introduced Budget Document
          2008 Budget Analysis Document
          2008 Introduced Budget Document PDF
          2009 Budget Analysis
          2009 Introduced Budget Document
          2010 Adopted Budget
          2010 Introduced Budget Document
          2011 Adopted Budget
          2011 Budget Analysis
          2011 Introduced Budget Document
Veterans' Bureau View Archived
    Veterans' Bureau Publications
          2014 Memorial Day Program
          Conditions For Burial In The Cape May County Veterans' Cemetery

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