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Mental Health, Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Board



1.  Call to Order:   The meeting was called to order at approximately 5:10  by R. Piccirilli.  A round-table introduction then occurred.   L. Velez-Rigney introduced Theresa Kelly as her replacement.                              

2. Approval of Minutes:   F. Garcia made a motion to approve the minutes of the August meeting, seconded by Nelson Amey.  Motion carried.

3.  Reports & Correspondence:

            A.  Presentation - Cape May County Emergency Mental Health:   The newly revised plan was distributed and Greg Speed provided the Board with a power point presentation on the primary points of the plan.  Board members also received a six page summary of the plan.  Greg then described the events of 10/17/02, when the Office of Emergency Management staged an emergency at the Cape May Lewes Ferry Terminal Building.  A summary of the areas to be worked on in the next year are:

1. FEMA training for Crisis Response Counselors.

2.  Specific Plans for Burdette Hospital and CCS regarding a hospital outpost.

3.  More definition of a broader social service response in the event it is needed.

            A motion was made by Frank Garcia, seconded by T. Maletto, to send the plan to the Freeholders with MHADA Board endorsement.   Motion carried.

            Greg Speed then gave a presentation on the structure and programs at CCS.   The agency has a staff of over 200 employees, a budget of 8.4 million and over 25 programs.  Greg stated that any Board member who wants a summary of the presentation should contact him.

            B.  DMHS - Lenore Velez-Rigney explained that this was her last meeting due to staff reassignment and that Theresa Kelly, who has worked at Ancora Hospital in the past, is her replacement. The Board welcomed Theresa.  Lenore then reported on the following:

            l.  The Division expanded the scope of the requests for proposals for the Criminal

                        Justice/Mental Health System and extended the due date to 12/7.

2.  The Department has issued a strategic plan which was summarized in the handout.

            3.  The Redirection Plan for the region has the following components:

                        a.  Specialized housing for the Hard to Serve population ( 15 slots).

                        b.  Specialized residential programs for DD/MR population (13 slots).                                           c.  Intensive Residential Service for 12 people.

In addition, there will be either regional or statewide expansion of use of nursing home beds and supportive housing opportunities.

4.  The Children’s Initiative will start a new service, Crisis Response & Stabilization, in October.


            C.  DAS  - The MHADA letter to DOH Deputy Commissioner Dr. DiFerdinando requesting increased funds for residential addiction treatment was received by the division and we are awaiting a response.  Kate discussed this matter with Larry Appling at the Division who felt that while increased funding might not be granted, there might be a waiver of the guideline which allows use of detox funds for extended residential days only if the person needs detox first.  The waiver would then allow individuals in jail or the hospital (already detoxed) to access that fund for residential bed days. 

            Carol Ann Caviola has officially replaced Terry O’Connor as Asst. Commissioner/Division Director of the Division of Addiction Services.  At least one-third of the DAS staff left due to the Governor’s reorganization and early retirement.  The County Coordinators will approach Ms. Caviola with an offer to work with her as a resource during this transition.

            D.  GCADA - The Municipal Alliance Plan is due October 1.  See below for details.

4.  Old Business:

            A.  Mental Health Survey:   Pat reported that she received input from the CAPE through Betty Redman and will be meeting shortly to put the final touches on the survey.

            B.  CCS will be sponsoring a training for agencies that serve Latino families on October 30, 31 and November 1, 2002.  The presenter is Dr. Charles Soule.  Over 90 people have registered.

            C.   Traumatic Loss Coalition is scheduled for 10/16.  It will be the first meeting for this group.     

            D.  Alcohol Plan - The final draft of the CY2003 Comprehensive Plan was distributed and members reviewed the minutes from the MHADA subcommittee that was empowered to recommend the plan to be forwarded to the County Freeholders for approval.  The focus points of the plan as outlined in the cover letter on the first page were reviewed by the Board.  Motion was made to accept the recommendations of the subcommittee by N. Amey.  Second: P. Brooks.  Motion carried.


5.  New Business:

            A.  Addiction Services Proposal Review - Members reviewed the minutes from the Proposal Review Committee with recommendations to fund the following providers for CY2003:

Subacute detox:  New Hope Foundation-$24,000, Maryville-$13,500, Kennedy Memorial Hospital-$6000.

Residential Treatment:  New Hope Foundation-$11,970, Maryville-$11,340, Riverside-$12,201.

Halfway House:  Hendricks House-$5,130, Amity House-$5,717.

            Motion to accept the committee recommendations: P. Brooks.  Second: F. Garcia.  Motion carried.                                               

            B.  MAC Plan - The CY2003 Municipal Alliance Plan was distributed.  Members reviewed the CASS minutes. The ongoing MAC allocations were renewed with two programmatic changes:                        Scrapbooking and Summer Teen Dances both for Sea Isle City.

A $7732 allocation of carryover funds for new projects was distributed as follows:

$2000 to Wildwood for PALS a faith-based program for seniors

$2000 to Lower Cape for Poetry Slam with a peer leadership component

$3732 to Woodbine for Boys & Girls Club peer leadership & academic assistance

            Motion was made to accept the recommendations of the CASS by N. Amey.  Second: J. Mathis.  Abstentions: T. Maletto & F. Garcia.  Motion carried.

            C. PACADA - The minutes of the 9/20 meeting were distributed and reviewed.  The meeting focused mainly on a presentation of the CY2003 Comprehensive Plan.  Reports on the County Advocacy Network and the status of residential funding were also presented.

            D.  New Group Home - Greg Speed announced the opening of the 811 Avenue Group Home for three residents

6.  Public Response: There was no public response.

7.  Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at approximately 7pm.  Next meeting: 10/28/02, 5pm.

For more information, please contact the Cape May County Department of Human Services: 465-4100.

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