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Governor Declares Statewide Weather State of Emergency Ahead of Sandy
Release Date: October 27, 2012

Governor Chris Christie Declares Statewide Weather State of Emergency Ahead of
Hurricane Sandy

Saturday, October 27, 2012                                                         
Trenton, NJ – Anticipating severe weather conditions including high winds, rain,
coastal, stream and river flooding, and the storm’s potential to threaten the
public’s health and safety, Governor Chris Christie today declared a state of
emergency throughout the state as a result of severe weather conditions anticipated
from Hurricane Sandy. In addition to taking this preemptory step to mobilize
government in preparation for the storm, Governor Christie urged New Jerseyans to be
vigilant in monitoring conditions of the storm, its effect on their communities, and
in making preparations for themselves and their families.

"As we move towards what is an increasingly likelihood of seeing Sandy make landfall
in New Jersey, I am urging all New Jerseyans to take every possible and reasonable
precaution to ready themselves for the storm’s potential impact. That means having
an emergency action plan for their families and other loved ones who may require
assistance, and avoiding unnecessary risks in the severe weather, including staying
off of the roads,” said Governor Christie. “At the state level, we are taking
immediate steps to prepare for the storm’s impact and ensure that state, local and
county governments have the tools they need to manage and respond in a coordinated
way. With this, government at every level can respond more effectively to conditions
on the ground, activate emergency operations plans, and ensure that resources are
being marshaled to assist and protect the public through this storm."

The declaration activates elements of the State Emergency Operations Plan,
broadening powers of the New Jersey State Police including traffic control, limiting
access and egress from impacted areas and issuing evacuation orders if needed.

As provided by the declaration, the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management will
be authorized to mobilize and deploy resources beginning immediately to respond to
the storm conditions, including resources of the New Jersey State Police, New Jersey
Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, New Jersey Department of Environmental
Protection and New Jersey Department of Transportation, in coordination with county
and municipal emergency management officials in impacted areas throughout the

A copy of the declaration, contained in Executive Order 104, can be found as a PDF
attachment to this email click here.

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