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County Library Offers Garden Program For Water Conservation
Release Date: March 12, 2013

Cape May Court House - The Cape May County Library will host a lecture on gardening for water conservation in April.  The public is invited to attend the program, “Hydroponics and Xeriscape Gardening for Water Conservation” with Joe Alvarez at 6 p.m. on Monday, April 29th at the Main Library, 30 W. Mechanic Street, Cape May Court House.
Xeriscaping is a word originally coined in 1978 to describe landscaping with water conservation as a major objective. Xeriscaping offers an opportunity to select plants compatible with local conditions. Xeriscapes can have color, blooms, lushness and possibly turf. The Seven Principles of Xeriscaping will help establish a garden that will reduce dependency on water and maintenance.
Alvarez has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology/Environmental Science, is a Board Member of the Friends of Cape May National Wildlife Refuge and a founding member of the Cape May County Beach Plum Association.
“Hydroponics & Xeriscape Gardening for Water Conservation” is part of the Water Matters Series presented in May by the Cape May County Library in conjunction with Cape May Forum.  For additional information, please call 463-6386 or visit online at www.cmclibrary.org.

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