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Release Date: December 16, 2013

Cape May Court House – Cape May County Sheriff Gary Schaffer announced that the Sheriff’s Office participated in a Warrant Operation to serve outstanding non-support warrants issued by the Probation Office.  The operation took place from December 9th through December 11, 2013.

The goal of the three-day intensive Non-Support Sweep is to apprehend non-custodial parents who have failed to pay their court-ordered child support.  Additional targets included parents who have failed to appear at court hearings to establish a child support order or an order for medical support.

The Sweep is hosted in cooperation with the New Jersey Office of Child Support Services [OCSS].  The Sheriffs’ Association of New Jersey [SANJ] is the lead agency as per the Sheriff IV-D Cooperative Agreement between OCSS and the Sheriffs’ Association, as authorized under Federal Regulation 45 CFR 302.34.  The OCSS has commended both the Sheriffs’ Association of New Jersey and the Judiciary for collaboratively supporting the final procedures and data report for the Sheriffs’ Child Support Warrant Sweep.

Sheriff Gary Schaffer reports that 25 subjects were arrested for child support warrants with a total of 33 non-support warrants served and an additional 6 persons arrested on other outstanding warrants. Officers attempted to locate and serve 63 active warrants. The arrested individuals were brought before the court who ordered money collected and a court ordered payment schedule.

Sheriff Schaffer said, “Our job in a sweep like this is to attempt to develop background information on possible locations and  locate, arrest and bring offenders before the judge.  The judge along with probation attempt to satisfy the outstanding financial obligation and other court imposed requirements. I want to commend the Warrants Unit and ID unit for their hard work in developing intelligence, locating and arresting these individuals and our Correctional Officers who processed the 15 individuals who went to jail.”

Sheriff Schaffer added, “I continue to ask the public for their assistance in apprehending all our fugitives by going to our website www.cmcsheriff.net, look on our Facecrook page where active warrants are located, then call us with information or use our anonymous tip line and APP to pass on information anonymously. The criminal has no greater enemy than the citizen and police working together.”

The following are the fugitives arrested in this sweep:

Name    Date arrested    Town arrested    Age
1) Scott Goble    12/9/2013    Cape May Court House, Middle Twp.    35
2) Bryan Williams    12/9/2013    Wildwood    23
3) Trey Dietrich    12/10/2013    Cape May Court House, Middle Twp.    27
4) Abelardo Fraga    12/10/2013    Sea Isle City    26
5) Charles Akers    12/10/2013    Cape May Court House, Middle Twp.    53
6) Tarann Wyatt    12/10/2013    Cape May Court House, Middle Twp.    24
7) Anthony Cardaci    12/10/2013    Villas, Lower Twp.    28
8) Victoria Murphy    12/10/2013    Cape May Court House, Middle Twp.    31
9) Robert MacBride    12/10/2013    Wildwood Crest    35
10) Patrick Dougherty    12/10/2013    Villas, Lower Twp.    26
11) Bruce Bethune    12/10/2013    Whitesboro, Middle Twp.    39
12) Kevin Morford    12/10/2013    Villas, Lower Twp.    36
13) Thomas Outlaw    12/10/2013    Green Creek, Middle Twp.    24
14) Daniel Velez    12/10/2013    Rio Grande, Middle Twp.    38
15) Mark Coleman    12/10/2013    North Cape May, Lower Twp.    42
16) Jesus Rodriguez    12/10/2013    Rio Grande, Middle Twp.    40
17) Samuel Love    12/10/2013    Cape May Court House, Middle Twp.    43
18) Morris Fitzpatrick    12/10/2013    Rio Grande, Middle Twp.    44
19) John Snyder    12/10/2013    Cape May Court House, Middle Twp.    31
20) Victoria Bull    12/10/2013    North Wildwood    27
21) Robert Corliss    12/10/2013    Rio Grande, Middle Twp.    23
22) Melissa Castner    12/11/2013    Wildwood    32
23) Clifford Ginyard    12/11/2013    Rio Grande, Middle Twp.    28
24) Luis Brito    12/11/2013    Cumberland County    32
25) Casmir Rupinski    12/11/2013    North Cape May, Lower Twp.    41

Also, the following persons were arrested on additional outstanding warrants:

1.    Tarann Wyatt : Dennis Twp., ATS $81.00
2.    Victoria Murphy : Oaklyn, ACS $594.00
3.    Christopher Small: Hamilton Twp., ATS $423.00
4.    Samuel Love : Cape May Co. Superior Court, CEP warrant $667.00
5.    Robert Corliss: North Wildwood, ATS $300       
6.    Mark Coleman: Lower Twp., ACS $1250.00       

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