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The Cape May County 4-H Foundation was originally incorporated as the Cape May County - Wildwood 4-H Fair Association on April 12, 1948 but in 1949 the name was changed to the Cape May County 4-H Fair Association. On December 19, 1968, the corporation again amended its certificate of corporation to change the corporate name to the Cape May County 4-H Foundation, as it is known today.
The Cape May County 4-H Foundation
is an independent 501 (c)3

  • Incorporated  to provide support for the Cape May County  4-H Youth Development Program
  • Receives tax deductible donations and contributions
  • Operates and supervises the operation of various fundraising and business enterprises provided these activities are related to the educational purpose for which the Foundation was organized.
The Purposes of the 4-H Foundation Are:
  • To advocate for the work of  the Rutgers Cooperative Extension 4-H Youth Development Program
  • To support the professional 4-H staff in their efforts to complete the Mission of the 4-H Youth Development program
  • To furnish appropriate facilities on the 4-H Fairgrounds complex to enable 4-H professional and volunteer staff to conduct programs, events and activities that provide opportunity for  youth to learn by participating in research-based 4-H projects, activities and competitive events.


Members at Large 
Ron Day, Ken Morey, Carol Porch, Elizabeth Simpkins, Budd Springer, Pam Gaskill, Cliff Lockwood and John Webersinn.

4-H Program Advisory Council Representative
Ruth Steenland
Angie Trafford (Alternate)
Board of Agriculture Representative
Allen Carter, Jr.

Rutgers Cooperative Extension Representatives
Marilou Rochford, County Extension Department Head

Mrs. Andrea C. Balliette, (Legal Advisor) 
Ralph Porch, (Insurance Advisor)
Robert J Kelly, CPA, (Financial Advisor) 
James H. Pickering, Jr. (Legal Advisor)
President: John Webersinn
Vice-President: Ron Day
Secretary: Ruth Steenland
Treasurer: Allen Carter, Jr.

The 4-H Foundation is currently seeking nominations for new candidates to the board. Interested parties should contact Julie Karavan, County 4-H Agent at (609)465-5115 ext 610 or karavan@njaes.rutgers.edu
4-H Foundation Candidate Responsibilities
  1. Attend Scheduled  Foundation Board Meetings
  2. Identify potential partners and donors with capacity to support the 4-H Youth Development Program of Cape May County
  3. Build collegial working relationships that contribute to consensus
  4. Take the lead in at least one designated outreach effort, such as chairing an event committee, hosting fundraising parties, acknowledging stakeholders or soliciting corporate sponsorships.
  5. Make a meaningful contribution to 4-H Foundation through the gift of time, a financial gift, or an in-kind contribution.
  6. Be a positive, optimistic advocate for the mission of the 4-H Youth Development Program.
We salute our 4-H Foundation members for their interest, insight and commitment. It is greatly appreciated by those who enjoy and benefit from the 4-H program. In today's world, kids face a lot of problems. Through the varied efforts of dedicated volunteers, 4-H provides young people with alternative solutions and helps them to be the best they can be.
Chair, Alicia Arnold; Treasurer, Ruth Steenland

The 4-H Program Advisory Council is  designed to guide the direction of the Cape May County 4-H Youth Development Program. Call Mary-Lynn Frandino
4-H Secretary at (609)465-5115 ext 605 for information regarding meeting times.

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