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The Cape May County Office of Education is a part of the New Jersey Department of Education, Division of Field Services. As the title indicates, we are "in the field" serving as a liaison for the local school districts and citizens of Cape May County to the State Department of Education.  The NJDOE places a superintendent of schools, an educational planner, a school business administrator and a child study supervisor in the Cape May County Office.  Cape May County furnishes the needed secretarial staff and most office equipment and supplies.

In serving as a liaison with the NJDOE, the county office is responsible to the NJDOE for advising and monitoring our local school districts to ensure that they are complying with state rules and regulations. Our Interim Executive Regional Superintendent, Robert L. Bumpus, is responsible for all of the functions in the office.  Mr. Michael McKnight is our County Educational Program Specialist and works in the areas of curriculum, affirmative action, basic skills, and school testing. Our Executive County School Business Administrator, Mr. Wayne Knight, works primarily with the school districts in the areas of transportation, budgets, facilities and the application for State School Aid and our Regional Supervisor of Child Study, Mr. Robert Johnson, works predominantly in the area of special education, assisting districts with placement of classified children, giving workshops and training sessions on state regulations and working as a mediator for parents and school districts when problems arise.

Some of the many other services provided by our office include processing traditional and alternate route teacher certification through the Office of Teacher Certification in Trenton and processing and issuing substitute certificates.  We are also available to answer questions and send information to the public about each of these types of certification, compile and distribute a public school directory and refer citizens to the appropriate NJDOE office when necessary.  

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